Triangle House

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A residence for a client who requires the flexibility for this house to grow with her family, to be green architecture – rigorously environmentally responsible Details »

Bendigo Old Vineyard House

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This transformation of an existing Bendigo Old Vineyard House in Quarry Hill to a contemporary home is more than just a facelift: – the project enables us to push the design boundaries with an ambitious client.  The challenge was to create a personalized layout within the existing parameters and respecting the heritage overlay

Details »

Bendigo Architect Office

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MARA Studio has recently opened its Bendigo architecture office at 46 Bath Lane, in the side of the gluten free bakery building.

Apart from creating a delightful and light space, we wanted a green architecture office.  Ours has been a chance for us to test some sustainable architecture processes; to look rigorously at the way in which we resource materials and products Details »

North Harcourt Farm House

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The north harcourt farm house task is: to alter this farm house to make the most of the sweeping views of the granite outcrops and fertile valleys of north Harcourt; to find a way to utilise the deep veranda space; to bring light into the building; to expand the feeling of the interior without exceeding the bounds of the existing footprint; to project the outside in, and the inside out. The new work is the cheeky child – still safe, but outgrowing its place on its parents lap and wanting to know what’s out there

William Street House, Castlemaine


This internal renovation of a William Street House, Castlemaine became an exercise in being creative with circulation space – the solution to simply squash the circulation areas that were chewing up too much space Details »

Flora Hill Student Accommodation Courtyard House

A Student Accommodation Courtyard House house in Flora Hill, providing for 8 students the house embraces the practicalities of student lifestyles, and uses the vernacular of the courtyard house to provide light and an equitable, social, shared and contemplative space Details »

Noh House, Campbells Creek

Noh House, Campbells Creek is house for a childrens’ story book writer and a story-teller.  The new buildings are in a conversation with the existing sheds and old dairy Details »

Kitchen Renovation in Osborne St, Bendigo

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A young couple approached us for the revamping of a 1980s brick veneer house that they have just purchased for their expanding family. The original layout is a compartmentalization of various rooms Details »

Raspberry Pi Case


The Raspberry Pi case has just launched via  The Raspberry Pi is a tiny (about credit card size) and inexpensive ($35) computer Details »

3D Printing Architecture

Rapid Prototyping

watch a video here

We have been utilising this 3D Printing Architecture technology of rapid prototyping machines to print 3D architectural models, a tool to Details »

New Freedom Bakery, Bendigo

We are the Architect for New Freedom Bakery, a fantastic new Gluten Free Bakery in Bendigo.  Terry is renowned for his gluten free mix Details »

Castlemaine House 01


A house in Castlemaine for an architect in our office, this small-footprint redevelopment has a focus on an efficient use of space and the introduction of north light  Details »

Castlemaine House 4

The rejuvenation of an existing bathroom was an opportunity to Details »

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Apartment Development, High St Bendigo


This project is for an ambitious client who intends to test the market with a mix of high-end and smaller furnished apartments.  The building is designed to maximise the opportunity for multiple tenancies Details »

Coffee Table

Coffee Table Furniture created out of ply wood, an experiment in flat-screen TVs, low embodied energy and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) production.

Castlemaine Eco Town Houses


A pair of houses on a subdivided block in Castlemaine.  The Mt Alexander Shire has been very supportive of higher density growth in areas with good proximity Details »