Dingle House

Cloud House


Kyneton House



Terrace Cave House

WD 1311 (22 10 2015) ZE - PERF_SCREE_Adjusted

MARA_house – an adaptable high performing 8* star rated fixed price house

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Welcome to the MARA_house, our architect designed, 8* star rated, high performing, fixed price, healthy and sustainable home.

MARA_HOUSE uses a planning system of pre-designed parts with a layout that is completely customizable. This hugely improves cost efficiency and accuracy, and speeds up design and construction time.

Built-in flexibility means we can optimize a layout for better performance. This greatly increases comfort and reduces running costs. It also means we can adapt to your brief and to suit any site.

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shed house progress

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Mandurang House

1516_Building Permit

Courtyard House

1527_Concept (ZE 17112015)

Screen House

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Crown House, Quarry Hill

1411 Concept REV 01 - Rendering - External View 1_2

Moon House, Golden Square

SHERRY AND CORIN - Rendering - 3D View 2_1_PICTURE

Mountain House, Junortoun

1521_DD nathan_Shou_Sugi_Ban

Heathcote Vineyard House

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Cantilever House

1310 Concept

lantern house construction

lantern house


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Sandstone Heritage House – a small re-roof

heritage house re-roof

Sedgwick shed house

sedgwick north harcourt house (2)

Set in the rolling granitic cherry and apple-strewn country of north harcourt and segwick, this house is a big barn, a shed with the roof and cathedral ceilings pulled upwards over a mezzanine area inside. Details »

Vincent Street House, Castlemaine


Vincent Street House, Castlemaine is an addition to a small home, we are designing a separate pavilion connected to the house via an entry/bridge.   Details »

Old Brick Kiln heritage house

Naomi and Doryan

A renovation and extension of this historical house that has its heritage as an old brick kiln.  We’ve been able to incorporate into the new parts of the house some fantastic relics from the days when the kiln was operational – like an old steel dolly and other rustic steel elements.  Details »

The Project Home

Metropolitan and Regional Architecture Studio is currently working with a builder in the volume housing market to establish a new show home “The Project Home” Details »

Townhouse community – green field urban architecture

C:UsersdexDocuments1210 sketch design review - 3D View - Sid

Our feasibility study for this town house development pointed us towards flexibile, high performance, delightful townhouse Details »

BEGINNING BECOMING BUILDING; Deakin University REAL Lecture series

Tornado Damage Oklahoma

MARA Studio presents BEGINNING BECOMING BUILDING, a talk about what is sustainable architecture, as part of the Deakin University Architecture REAL lecture series, Geelong, 6pm Tuesday night, 30 June.